Our Story

Our Story

Crystal Finance was granted a final approval license to operate as a Finance Company by the Central Bank of Nigeria in July, 2015 and commenced full-fledged operations in January, 2016. Setting out in 2016, we had envisioned building an institution that would evolve into a go-to- place for Small and Medium businesses seeking financing.

We operate as a specialized financial institution dedicated to providing financial services in the areas of Credit, Funds Management and Financial Advisory to Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke financial services through our flexibility in the consideration and unique treatment of each client’s need. We also have a team of dedicated and experienced staff with broad based industry knowledge to handle each client.

At inception, the company focused on establishing itself as a viable Finance Company through the entrenchment of its business processes and building an organizational culture; building a strong Corporate Governance culture; conducting detailed market assessment to test its business plan assumptions regarding loans and fund management products; hiring and training staff necessary to start and expand operations; familiarizing the Board of Directors with the intricacies and practice of unsecured lending; developing and institutionalizing operational policies and systems.

Our conservative operational posture has enabled us to achieve significant successes and has earned us recognition from the public within a short period of being in operation. Some of these recognition include the Gold award for Most Customer-Focused Finance Company given by the West African Innovation Awards in 2018; the Diamond Award for Most Trusted SME Consumer Finance Company in 2020 and a nomination for Africa’s Best Premium Finance Company of 2018 by African Brand Congress.


To provide quick and responsive financial services to Individuals and small & medium scale business by leveraging on our people, technology and operational excellence while delivering real value to all stakeholders.


To be the Reference Credit Service Provider

Core Values

Objective, Responsiveness Flexibility and Transparency.